Life in San Ignacio and More

Life in San Ignacio and More

Life in San Ignacio, Cayo District, Belize

First it was, “Mr. Escola, I’m so sorry, but the room you are booked for is occupied for tonight. You can move in tomorrow.” Then, after we moved into an alternate room, “Mr. Escola, I’m so, so sorry, but the room you are booked into is also booked for Saturday and Sunday nights.”

“How did this happen,” we wanted to know?

“They booked on line and the system is very confusing, and anyway they really want only that room.”

“Not to worry,” we assured her. “We’ll stay where we are until Monday when the room is clear.”

The “room” we are in is actually a two bedroom apartment with air conditioning in the bedroom and a ceiling fan in the living room. There is also a kitchen with the usual amenities. It’s not on the top floor, and doesn’t have the same breeze or view as the room we booked, but it’s actually nicer with more floor space. So, we weren’t too unhappy to accommodate our hostess. Things usually have a way of working out.

rainforest-haven-inn-in-san-ignacio-jpg We completed our month in Santa Elena, packed up and moved across the river on the first of July. We are now in the Rainforest Haven Inn in San Ignacio. Having air conditioning in the bedroom has made sleeping much more comfortable as the high temperature and humidity continues, as well as the rain on most days.

The House of Culture is across the street and down a little from the “Welcome” sign, pictured above. The San Ignacio Mall was formed by blocking the street to vehicular traffic.

church-on-the-hill-in-san-ignacio-jpg When I first heard the bells, I knew I had slept in long enough. It was Sunday morning, and each morning the church bells start ringing at 6:00. On Sunday they ring again at 6:30, and at 8:00. Since we moved to San Ignacio, the Catholic Church is just in the next block up the hill from us. During the week, I’m usually up well before the first peal, but Sunday, I slept in past the roosters crowing, the dawn breaking, and the traffic noise.

Around here the roosters crow even in the night. When the sky starts getting light, they turn it up a notch, and other wild birds join in. In Latin America, there is the town square with the church on one side, the city offices on another with shops and restaurants completing the square. Even though Belize is not technically Latin America, there seems always to be a Catholic Church near the center of each town and village.

great-mayan-prince-hotel-on-hill-jpg We have discovered a new restaurant just up the hill from our hotel. It is the Great Mayan Prince Restaurant and it is part of a hotel that is under construction. We had lunch there last week and went there Sunday morning for breakfast. The food and service was excellent both times. We inquired about the work going on and our waitress offered to give us a tour, which we accepted. The hotel is on about five different levels with observation platforms at the top. The view is spectacular. We could see the whole valley where Santa Elena and San Ignacio are surrounded by green hills with the Macal River running through. Next time, I’ll have my camera with me!

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Next Time: Our Room at the Top, and Serendipity on the Hill

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Life in San Ignacio and More
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Life in San Ignacio and More

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