Trip to Mexico and Belize

Trip to Mexico and Belize

Trip to Mexico and Belize

Trip to Mexico and Belize included attending a conference in Cancun and spending two weeks in our condo in San Pedro before returning to our home in Atenas, Costa Rica. Once home, we had to go to San Jose yet again to get another package. All that and more in this edition of our blog.

Cancun, Mexico

1m-view-from-our-room Except for the two hour line to get through immigration in Mexico City, the flight on Aero Mexico went rather smoothly. We were on our way to the International Living Ultimate Event in Cancun. We had attended the first IL Ultimate Event in Cancun in 2008, but had not been back to Cancun since. It was a chance to meet and talk with experts from all over the world, and learn about moving to, and living in their region of the world. We have attended several of these annual events in different countries, including Ecuador, Panama, and Costa Rica. It is easy to come away from these conferences feeling that you have been drinking from a fire hose, but we’ve been to enough, now, that the information flow rate is more tolerable.

1m-pool-at-jw-marriott This year’s event was held at the JW Marriott in Cancun. After checking into our room, we headed for dinner at one of several restaurants in the hotel. We chose the main one, and enjoyed a great meal. From our table by the window, we could see the outdoor dining area and the hotel grounds beyond. There was a waterfall in the pool channel on our left. Later, in our room on the seventh floor, we took a few minutes to take in ┬áthe view from the veranda. We could hear the surf and see some of the grounds in the light from the hotel. We then checked in on our computers, before getting some needed rest after our day of travel.

1m-steak-salad After a very nice breakfast and good coffee in the main restaurant, we again spent some time online, then went down to the beach. Jan went into the surf while I took some pictures. We then headed for the swimming pool for some swimming and relaxing in the sun. After an hour, or so, we tried the beach-side restaurant. The view was fantastic, and the shrimp and steak salads were quite good. In mid-afternoon, the conference started, and we were busy for the next three days with meetings, chats with other attendees during breaks, and several evening cocktail parties. One evening, when there was nothing scheduled, we went to the fine dining restaurant in the hotel and had an exquisite, leisurely dinner. We really felt pampered!

1m-cancun-tourist-district On our final day in Cancun, we had time for a leisurely brunch before heading to the airport. We told the driver that we were flying out on Tropic Air to Belize, and after checking, he took us to the general aviation terminal. Check-in was easy as there were few people in this terminal. The man at the Tropic Air table took our suitcases and our passports, gave us boarding passes, and told us to have a seat in the terminal area. He returned our passports, after getting them stamped by Mexican Immigration, and we still had about an hour before our flight. Just before our flight was called, our suitcases were delivered to and fed through the x-ray machine beside the metal detector that we had to pass through on our way to the Cessna 280 that would take us to Belize.

San Pedro, Belize

2b-pier-at-san-pedro We were cruising at 10,000 feet just off the east coast of the Yucatan Peninsula headed south. As we took off from Cancun Airport, we had a good view of the tourist strip and all the resorts and hotels. Later, Cozumel came into view to the left, then Chetumal Bay, and the coast of Belize on the right. At Belize International Airport, we transferred to another plane for the 17 minute hop over to San Pedro on Ambergris Caye. We had dinner at Caroline’s Kitchen across from the terminal before going by taxi to our condo. After checking in with friends and family on line, we started to relax and enjoy the condo at Grand Baymen.

Our time in San Pedro always seems to speed by to the extent that we barely have time to see all our friends and visit our favorite restaurants before it’s time to leave. This time was no exception. The first morning, we went to breakfast at Melt Cafe, and were glad to see owners, Mark and Melissa and their staff, who always give us great service. Even the local cat seemed glad to see us. We also caught up with our friend, Gaylynn, who now manages and is a Dive Master at Ecologic Divers.

2b-d-and-c-buildings-with-laundry-office-building This was our third two-week stay at the condo, and we were happy to see that several of the other condos were occupied. Some occupants are vacationers and some are renting for a longer term. The D building is complete, and is identical to the C building where we bought. Unlike the A building, which has six one bedroom and six two-bedroom condos on three floors, the C and D buildings each have sixteen one-bedroom condos on two floors. Plans are to build the B building between A and C in the near future.

2b-lobster-dinner-mexican-style The second week there was Lobster Fest – our first time for this annual event. We had grilled lobster, lobster fettuccine, lobster stew, lobster tacos, and other dishes during the week. We’ve never had so much lobster in such a short amount of time, but, it was a delightful change of pace! Our last Saturday night on the island, we attended the Lobster Fest get together in central park with our friend Kate and some of her friends. Restaurants and vendors set up booths in the park and the atmosphere was very festive. Lines to get lobster offerings were quite long, but moved along, and we soon had our food. Finding a place to eat it was a slight challenge, but we found some empty stools not far away. The lobster dinner was fantastic, of course, and a great way to wrap up our stay in this tropical paradise.

New Economy and Markets Essay

For those who are interested, a new essay titled, “Those Nasty Lumps Under the Carpet,” has been added to the Economy and Markets section.

Next Time

We get our Costa Rica residency cards, join the healthcare system, and more.


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Trip to Mexico and Belize
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Trip to Mexico and Belize

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