Update on Costa Rica

Update on Costa Rica

Update on Costa Rica

Update on Costa Rica adds our costs and overall thoughts, after time for reflection, on our stay for the month of August 2013 in the cabin in San Ramon.

Thoughts and Reflection

arenal-volcano-from-hanging-bridges Our time in San Ramon Costa Rica was very nice on several fronts, Sandy was with us for the first two weeks, the weather was cool, and we went on several very enjoyable tours. We wrote about Las Cabinas here, Dona Ana Beach here, Arenal Hanging Bridges and Baldi Hot Springs here, and Downtown San Jose / Early Exit from Costa Rica here.

Costa Rica is a great place to live and retire. One of the things we learned while we were there is that a vehicle is needed unless one settles in or very close to town. We were about three miles from town, so spent a lot of time walking, and had to go to town by taxi or bus. A second lesson was that one really needs to speak Spanish in order to fully engage in the culture and to eliminate problems and confusion in routine dealings in the Latin American environment.

Our Costs in San Ramon

Sandy left for home on August 15th and we moved on to Nicaragua on the 21st, due to a shorter than expected visa. Rent was paid for the whole month. The rest of the costs were projected for a 30-day month.

ATM Fees $19Clothing$0
Computer/Internet$0Dining Out$725
Mail Forwarding$0Rent$722
Tours$776Wine & Beer$0
Personal CareTaxis$22
Grand Total$2,699

Our monthly projected costs of $2,699 seemed high to us when we first saw them, but after reflection, maybe it is not so far off. There were three of us for 15 out of the projected 30-day month. If we reduce this period to two-thirds for dining, groceries, and tours, then the total projected monthly cost works out to be $2,482. This amount can be adjusted up or down depending on your comfort and affordability level. And, of course, one’s expenses would be less with a longer lease and other economies of scale.

As before, we have not included transportation costs to get us here or to the next destination.  Nor have we apportioned annual costs pertaining to our life regardless of where we are, such as for U.S. health care, life insurance, etc.

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Update on Costa Rica
George grew up in the central San Joaquin Valley of California, and after high school, joined the US Navy. The Navy provided travel and education, including a degree from Purdue University. He left the Navy after 14 years to pursue other opportunities and worked in San Diego, California for 29 years for an industrial gas turbine manufacturer in New Product Development until retiring in 2008. George spends his time photographing and documenting his travels.
Update on Costa Rica

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3 thoughts on “Update on Costa Rica

  1. Chuck Bucey

    I really enjoy your blog. Your costs are really reasonable and much much better than mine. I don’t know that I could do all the walking that you guys do. The walking would be very good for me though. I have been taking some continuing education classes on Microsoft office and windows 8. Just trying to find things in the new operating system. I will be waiting for your next blog.


    1. George Escola Post author

      Thanks for your comments. We only take on what we are capable of and comfortable with. Walking has helped us slim down a bit. Transportation of all kinds is available for some added cost.

  2. Don Leroux

    You probably already know this, but, in my opinion, your photo “rain storm” is a masterpiece. You might have worked the word “jungle” in there somehow. One gets a real sense of what a heavy downpour in the jungle is like.

    I just came back from a 2 week trip to NE Montana. Very different from what your are
    experiencing but equally enjoyable to one who is partial to open space, agriculture, old machinery, frontier museums, and good old boys. The highlight of my trip was the World
    Museum of Mining in Butte, MT., but the Potato Museum in Blackfoot, Idaho gets honorable mention.

    Enjoying your posts (or blogs if that is what they are called these days). Keep them coming.

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