Update on Nicaragua

Update on Nicaragua

Update on Nicaragua

Update on Nicaragua documents our costs and overall thoughts, after time for reflection, on our stay for the month of September 2013 in the apartment in Granada.

Thoughts and Reflection

granada-cathedral-from-la-merced-tower Our time in Granada, Nicaragua was very enjoyable, but could have been better. Our apartment was small and had no access to a courtyard or any other fresh air, and daylight came through one small window over the front door. Even though, life in Granada was interesting. In addition, we went on several very enjoyable tours. We wrote about Granada Nicaragua here, Masaya Nicaragua here, and Mombacho Volcano Nicaragua here.

Nicaragua could be a great place to live and retire. Living in Granada puts one close to all amenities of city life, and the expat community. A vehicle would not be needed unless one settled outside of town. We spent a lot of time walking, and during the month, we pretty well covered the city. Here, like other places in Latin America one really needs to speak Spanish in order to fully engage in the culture and to eliminate problems and confusion in routine dealings.

Our Costs in Granada

Since we spent the whole month in Granada, all of the costs were actual for a 30-day month.

ATM Fees $44Clothing$0
Computer/Internet$0Dining Out$457
Mail Forwarding$0Rent$527
Tours$276Wine & Beer$0
Personal CareTaxis$66
Grand Total$1,943

Our monthly cost was $1,943. For another hundred dollars, or so, we could have rented a place with access to a courtyard, which would have reduced the $85 extra that we paid for electricity to run the air conditioning. For comfort level, this would have been worth it. Of course, one’s expenses would be less with a longer lease and other economies of scale.

As before, we have not included transportation costs to get us here or to the next destination. Nor have we apportioned annual costs pertaining to our life regardless of where we are, such as for U.S. health care, life insurance, etc.

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Update on Nicaragua
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Update on Nicaragua

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